Parent Workshops: The IB Learner Profile

“Live it, don’t laminate it!”

All too often, in IB schools, the Learner Profile exists in the form of displays and catchphrases, but doesn’t exist as a way of life, as a code of conduct or as an expectation for all stakeholders.

We’re not going to let that happen at ISHCMC!

Last week, we ran a session on the Learner Profile for parents. This is part of our ongoing process to breathe life into the Learner Profile by taking a good look at what it “looks like” around the school.

Here are some more photos of the work done by parents during the session:


Getting out of the room!

I found students from Ms. Rupal Joshi’s class working on their spelling in different locations around the school. Not too far from their classroom, but far enough for it to feel like a change!

“I trust them” said Rupal.

Many of us forget what a profound effect changing things up a bit can have on students. To us, as adults, it may not seem like a big deal. But, to students, getting out of the classroom and being given the chance to work in different spots around the school can feel like a very big deal. Give it  a try!

Grade 1 Trip to Snap Cafe

Grade 1 went to Snap Cafe as part of the culmination of their unit of inquiry. The focus of the unit was on the relationships between daily choices and our well-being. The students were given choices of food, drinks and play options. Teachers observed them to see if the unit had affected the choices they make.

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