Tuning in to Grade One


To find out what students already know or think about themselves as consumers, we are asking them to consider what they eat, buy and use.

We kicked this off by asking them what they had eaten for breakfast this morning, and dinner last night. Each student has loads of blank tags with their photo on for use at times like this:

Then, we started to interview them as they were working, scribing our conversations exactly. We asked questions like:

  • Where does that come from?
  • What is that made of?
  • How we get that to our homes?
  • Where does that go when we’re finished with it?



Sometimes, like the example just above, it is best to represent the student’s thinking visually, helping them start to see these things as “processes” or, as in this case, a “cycle”

Getting the thinking from the students in a simple way, displaying it, scribing conversations, honouring their words and thoughts and capturing it all so it can constantly be referred to, expanded upon and developed is a very exciting process. It will guide students towards and though inquiry. Their prior knowledge, the gaps in their knowledge and their misconceptions are quickly revealed, showing teachers the next steps that each student needs to be guided through in order to develop their knowledge and develop a deeper understanding of themselves as consumers.

Strategies like these are most effective when students can be independent – accessing materials easily, not worrying about spelling, moving on to something else when they are ready. This independence means that teachers can focus on one student without interruption or distraction.

For the full Storify showing the process of these sessions, click here


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