Creating the Conditions for “Action”

We recently discussed the “5th Element” of the PYP – Action. Often misunderstood, Action is a pretty abstract notion that many schools find hard to pin down. In our discussions, we came to the following understandings and agreements about it:



Would you have anything to add?


4 thoughts on “Creating the Conditions for “Action”

  1. Thanks Sam for that easy to refer checklist of Action points! Often, when students do not exhibit a range of meaningful action, we ask ourselves, if our Central Idea was significant enough. At the same time, we are alert about not missing out the small but deep actions that students take, because they do not necessarily look fancy and BIG!

  2. I totally agree with what Abhimanyu says. We as teachers need to first role model the essence of taking action to students and then closely observe students for even a small step taken by them for their own growth and the community at large. Yes the questions What can we/you do about it ? What is our responsibility needs to be a part of our everyday chat with kids which will automatically lead to ACTION!

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